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 Béni1 is a conceptual Christian streetwear brand that combines faith and fashion in a bold and unique way. Founded in 2017, the brand quickly established a reputation for its edgy and thought-provoking designs. The brand's name "Béni1" means "Blessed One" and the catchphrase "Blessed Beyond Years" emphasizes the idea of the timelessness of the blessings that come from God. The brand's collection features a mix of streetwear and faith-inspired clothing with designs that are modern, fresh and unique, with an emphasis on bold graphics, typography, and conceptual art. The brand's logo is a stylized script that says "Béni1" which represents the idea of being blessed and the singularity of the blessings that come from God. The brand's mission is to reach the youth and inspire them to embrace their faith in a bold and unapologetic way, through the medium of conceptual art and fashion. Béni1 frequently collaborates with Christian artists, musicians, and influencers to create limited-edition collections and to further spread the message of blessings and grace in a unique and thought-provoking way. Béni1 is a brand that appeals to the Christians who wants to express their faith in a bold, unique and artistic way, it's a brand that encourages its followers to be proud of their blessings, show it off in a unique and fashionable way, and to always remember that they are blessed beyond years.


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